Charlotte Chadwick

Recent Productions:

22nd-28th April 2017 Seat Ibiza “Dance”

Director Nacho Gayan Agosto 2006 Barcelona

7th April 2017 Grey Goose Vodka “The Final Ingredient”

Director Marco Gentile RSA L.A. / Filmmaster Madrid

8th-17th March 2017, Lyrica

Directors Cris and Amy Wondros USA/ TF7 Barcelona

8th-8th February 2017, Lysol

Director Christoffer Von Reis Loa Angeles/ Motel Barcelona

17th-20th December 2016, WIX Superbowl, Jason Statham, Gal Gadot

Director Louis Leterrier Los Angeles/ Palma Pictures Barcelona

16th-20th November 2016, Fanta

Director Clay Weiner, Biscuit Filmworks Los Angeles/ TF7 Lisbon

13th-16th September 2016, Ergo “Pauli”

Director Pep Bosch, Trigger Happy Berlin

16th-20th July 2016, Milka “Lost and Found”

Director Nacho Gayan Stink London/ Bas Productions Slovenia

22nd- 26th June 2016, Heineken Formula 1 David Coulthard

Director Nicolai Fuglsig MJZ London / Kanzaman Monaco

19th - 24th May 2016, Mobile Strike “Wall” “Convoy” “One Liners” “Heavy Artillery”

Director Henry Hobson Furlined London/ Twenty-four Seven  Barcelona

29th April - 2nd May 2016, Nike “Keep it Tight”

Director Craig Gillespie Smuggler L.A. / Widescope Barcelona

14th - 15th March 2016, VW Polo “Nights”

Director Nacho Gayan, Stink London / Barcelona

18th - 23rd January 2016, Samsung “Manifesto”

Director Jan Wentz Markenfilm Hamburg/ Sweet, Brazil

27th-31st October 2015, El Corte Ingles “Lightbulb”

Director Pep Bosch Trigger Happy Berlin

29th August-2nd September 2015, Lexus “The Life”

Director Adam Berg Smuggler London, Sharkprod Nice

14th-17th July 2015, Hornbach “Babel”

Director Pep Bosch, Trigger Happy Berlin, Moonlighting Johannesburg

14th May-16th May 2015, Swisscom “The Mentor”

Director Nacho Gayan, Agosto Barcelona / Pumpkin Film, Zürich

20th April- 2nd May 2015, Gillette “A Bond Moment”

Director Adam Berg, Smuggler L.A./ Widescope Spain / True North, Reykjavik

10th-13th February 2015, · Mobile “True Love”

Director Nacho Gayan, Stink London / Icon, Rumania

23rd-25th January 2015, Mercedes Benz AMG GT “Performance Speaks For Itself”

Director Rosey, Radical Media Berlin / Goodgate Barcelona

8th-12th December 2014, Cocacola “Astronauts”

Director Nacho Gayan, Stink London / Prague

25th-26th October 2014, Cocacola “Niño”

Director Nacho Gyan, Agosto Barcelona

13th-18th October 2014 Endesa

Director Nacho Gayan, Agosto Barcelona

1st-6th October 2014, Lipton Ice Tea

Directors StyleWar, Smuggler London/ Motel Barcelona

12th-16th September 2014, Budlight “Conga”

Director Nico Kasakoff, Stink/ Blur Productions Madrid

24th - 26th June 2014, Hornbach “Gothic Girl”

Director Pep Bosch Trigger Happy Berlin/ Sequoia Toronto

3rd - 5th June 2014, Pepsi “Paint Pour”, “Moped”,

Director Mattias Hausmann L.A./ Goodgate Spain

19th -21st May 2014, Chevrolet

Director Joaquin Baca Asay MJZ New York/ Widescope Spain

11th - 13th April 2014, Comcast “Comicon”, “Office”, “Photographer”

Director Brian Beletic Smuggler L.A./ Buenos Aires

11th - 13th March 2014, Coronation “Trust”

Director Nacho Gayan Stink, London/ Baltic Pine Latvia

16th - 18th December 2013, XXL Sports “Airport”

Directors Marlind and Stein, Camp David Film Stockholm/ Widescope Spain

6th -9th November 2013, Quickbooks

Director Joaquin Baca Asay, Park Pictures NY/ Widescope Spain

4th - 9th October 2013, Euromilliones “Writer”

Director Pep Bosch, Albert Barcelona/ Garlic Productions Madrid

11th - 18th July 2013, Nike “Possibilities”

Director Nicolai Fuglsig MJZ L.A. / Widescope Spain

24th - 28th June 2013, Gillette “Inner Steel”

Director Samuel Bayer Serial Pictures CA/ Goodgate Spain

18th - 25th May 2013, Heineken “The Odessey”

Director Tom Kuntz MJZ L.A./ Widescope Spain

3rd-5th May 2013, Volvo “Bull Run”

Director Henry Rubin Smuggler, London/ Goodgate Spain

11th-12th April 2013, BET365 “Roberto Alamo”, “Jens Hulken”

Director Cris Mudge MTP Film, Glasgow/ Widescope Productions Spain

13th-14th March 2013, Cucciolone “N.O.I.A”

Director David Lodge H film Milan/Mendips, Barcelona

21st-24th February 2013, Cocacola “Chairs”

Director Nacho Gayan, Agosto 2006 Barcelona

9th-16th February 2013, Jeep

Director Jeff Zwart, Radical Media/ Goodgate Barcelona

11th-14th December 2012, Libero “Love” and “Baby Soft”

Director Jörn Threlfall, Outsider London/ Widescope Spain

21st-22nd November 2012, Gas Natural Fenosa “Poltergeist”

Director Belen Gayan, Agosto 2006 Barcelona

1st-4th October 2012, Cocacola, “Placelists: Speaker Bonfire”

Director Samir Mallal, Smuggler U.K./ Widescope Spain

2nd-11th September 2012, Carnival Cruises “Press for Fun”

Director Jeff Low, Biscuit Filmworks U.K./ Goodrolling Spain

27th-29th June 2012, Southern Comfort, Whatever’s Comfortable: “Beach” and “Whistle”

Director Tim Godsall, Biscuit Filmworks L.A./ Goodgate Barcelona

28th May-1st June 2012, Axe Apollo “Shark” “Fire”

Director Tim Godsall, Biscuit Filmworks L.A./ Goodgate Barcelona

30th March-3rd April 2012, Fonic “The Man who Always Tells The Truth”

Director Pep Bosch, Trigger Happy Berlin

2nd-4th March 2012, Orange “Ninjas Phone Fund”

Director Nacho Gayan, Stink London/Agosto Barcelona

22nd-24th February 2012, Visa

Director Joaquin Baca-Asay, MJZ L.A./Widescope Spain

29th January-5th 2012 February Jeep “Compass” “Wrangler” “Gran Cherokee”

Director Adrian Moat, RSA London/ Goodgate Barcelona

17th-19th January 2012 Orange “Ninjas”

Director Nacho Gayan, Stink London/ Agosto Barcelona

30th November 2011 BWIN “Play for Real”

Director Mark Zibert, RSA London/ Goodgate Barcelona

18th-19th October 2011 Gas Natural “Sometimes I See Technicians”

Director Belen Gayan, Agosto Barcelona

3rd-4th October 2011, Calvé

Director Fatima  Mad Cow Films London/ Widescope Spain

6th-7th September 2011, Freixenet

Director Bruce Hunt Radical Media Berlin/Goodgate Barcelona

8th-17th July 2011, Dow “Bread” “Silent Train”

Director Nicolia Fuglsig MJZ Los Angeles/ Film Planet Sao Paulo Brazil

19th-22nd June 2011, Hornbach “Jeden Veränderung braucht einen Anfang”

Director Pep Bosch Trigger Happy Berlin/ Angels Riga Latvia

5th-6th June 2011, Renault “Guru”

Director London/Widescope Spain

25th March-3rd April 2011, Vodafone “Escape”

Director Sebastian Strasser Radical Media Berlin/Goodgate Barcelona

22nd-24th February 2011, Mercedes-Benz, Michael Schumacher/Nico Rosberg

Director Calle Astrand Radical Media Berlin/ Goodgate Barcelona

18th-21st December 2010, Comcast Xfinity “Tarmac Welcome” “Retreat”

Director Craig Gillespie MJZ Los Angeles/ Artída Montevideo Uruguay

21st-22nd October 2010, Camay “Bardot”

Director Gilles Lovell-Wilson Production International London/Widescope Spain

9th-10th October 2010, Dell “Streak”

Director Peter Thwaites Gorgeous London/Widescope Spain

22nd-24th September 2010, Axe “Beach”

Director Johan Renck RSA Films London/Goodgate Barcelona

1st-2nd September 2010, Heineken “The Entrance”

Director Fredrik Bond Sonny London/ Widescope Barcelona

18th-20th July 2010, Virgin Mobile “Kiki La Suite”

Directors Les Uns Stink Paris/ Seaquist A Company Spain

13th-27th June 2010, VW Caddy “Journey” “Hazard Flag” “Kiddy Ride” “Daughter” “Image”

Director Steve Reeve Bakery Films Hamburg/Widescope Barcelona

7th-11th June 2010, Eurostar “Little Girl”

Director Juan Cabral MJZ London/ Widescope Barcelona

17th-18th May 2010, Tesco “New Discovery”

Director Jim Gilchrist MJZ London/ Widescope Barcelona

5th-6th May 2010 Toyota “Dream”

Director David Lodge RSA Films London/ Widescope Barcelona

29th-30th 2010 April Carlsberg “Fishermen”

Director Stacy Wall  Gorgeous London/ Goodgate Barcelona

17th-19th April 2010, Panasonic “Parkour”

Directors Neveldine and Taylor Radical Media Berlin/Goodgate Barcelona

24th-26th March 2010, Campofrio “T-MO-T”

Director Pep Bosch Agosto Film Barcelona

14th March 2010, VW Passat

Director Derin Seale Radical Media Berlin /Goodgate Barcelona

3rd-4th March 2010, Vodafone “Rock”

Director Pep Bosch Agosto Film Barcelona

18th-22nd February 2010, Renault “Holiday” “Hours” “Dragons” “Bike” “Slippers”

Director Belen Gayán Agosto Film Barcelona

22nd January 2010, KFC Leo Messi

Director Nick Livesy RSA London/ Goodgate Barcelona

15th-17th January 2010, Tesco Mobile “Transformation”

Director Jim Gilchrist MJZ London / Stillking Cape Town

December 2009, Peugeot “Mosquito”, “Matriculas”

Director Pep Bosch, Agosto Film Barcelona

November 2009, Jose Cuervo “Road Trip”, “Men’s Business” “Sold Out”

Director Tom Carty Gorgeous London/Widescope Productions Spain

30th October-1st November2009, Honda “Diverse”

Director Scott Lyon, Outsider London/Widescope Spain

17th-18th September 2009, SFR “Stronger Kisses”

Director Paul Gore, Irene Paris/Goodgate Barcelona

25th July, 1st-2nd August 2009, Rexona “Encendidas”

Director Nacho Gayán Pioneer Productions Argentina/Agosto Barcelona

4th-14th June 2009, Volvo “Switch” “Doubletake” “Petrolland” “Intersection”

Director Joaquin Baca-Asay Park Pictures NY/ Widescope Productions Spain

24th-27th May 2009, VW Polo “1950’s”

Director Pep Bosch Agosto Barcelona/ Filmaker Productions Sofia

21st-23rd April 2009, Visa “Dinner Party”

Director Raymond Bark Gartner Santa Monica USA/Motel Productions Barcelona

2nd-4th April 2009, San Miguel “Slow Man”

Director Stuart Douglas Nice Shirt London/Goodgate Barcelona

25th-28th March 2009, Deutsche Telecom

Photographer Malte Braun Switzerland/Mamma Team Barcelona

16th-17th March 2009, Gatorade “The Big Game”

Director Matthias van Heijningen 75 France/ Widescope Spain

14th-17th February 2009, Adidas “Spark”

Director Rupert Sanders MJZ London / Widescope Spain

3rd-4th February 2009, Vileda

Director Andreas Schaefer /Mammateam Barcelona

8th-10th December 2008, Renault “Shootout Reloaded”

Director David Lodge Cobblestone Berlin/Goodgate Barcelona

9th-11th October 2008, Erin “Symphony”

Director Brian Dumin Red Rage Films Dublín/Goodgate Barcelona

17th-18th September 2008, Ballantines “Space Hotel” and “Dream Recorder”

Director Emil Möller Sonny London/ Widescope Spain

19th-24th August 2008, Coke Romance “Crave” and “Library”

Director Tom Kuntz MJZ London/ Good Rolling Madrid

16th-17th July 2008, “Twix”

Director Jeff Tomas Sonny London/ Widescope Spain

22nd-24th June 2008, BMW “Choices”

Directors Anthony Atanasio, Valerie Martinez Movie Magic Milan/ Vivi Film Barcelona

6th June 2008, Ota “Taxi” with Michael Laudrup

Directors Mike Spooner, Simon Bonde BBDO Denmark /Rabagast Barcelona

16th-18th April 2008, Citroen “Newspaper” “Lover” “Zipper”

Director Henry Littlechild, Markenfilm Germany/ Voodoo Barcelona

29th March-1st April 2008, Peugeot “Strange Language¨

Director Pedro Romanyi, Bandits France/ Widescope Spain

18th-21st March 2008, Carling “Rescue”

Director Fredrik Bond, Sonny London/ Widescope Spain

21st-29th February 2008, Toyota “Life Inside”

Director Victor Garcia, MJZ London/ Stillking Cape Town

11th-15th January 2008, Kinder Pingui “Astronauts”

Director Andy Morahan, Movie Magic Milan/ Vivi Film Barcelona

3rd-4th December 2007, Wella “Wellaflex 125 Years”

Director Jean Claude Thibaut Select NY Hamburg/ Mamma Team Barcelona

2nd-3rd October 2007, Filodoro “Thread”

Directors Anthony Atanasio, Valerie Martinez, Haibun Milan/Vivi Film Barcelona

21st-22nd September 2007, Bank of New York Mellon “Helping”

Director Hugo Cariss, The Production Farm, New York/Rabagast Barcelona

6th-7th September 2007, Skoda “UFO”, “Move”

Director Markus Walter,Cobblestone Hamburg/Mamma Team Barcelona

3rd-5th August 2007, Nissan

Director Albert Kodagolian, Bandits France/ Widescope Spain

25th-26th July 2007, Harp “Everything on a Beach”

Director Bryan O’Malley, Red Rage Ireland/ Goodgate Barcelona

4th-10th July 2007, Sprint

Director Jason Smith, Bob Industries, L.A./ Widescope Spain

17th-18th April 2007, Salakis “Photo” “Queleuleu” “Guitare”

Director Henry Littlechild, Bandits France/ Widescope Spain

16th April 2007, Jacobs 3 in 1 “Skateboard”

Director Paul Hawather, Input, Germany/ Goodgate Barcelona

24th-26th March 2007, Opel “C’mon” Joyride

Directors Dom and Nic, Outsider London/ Goodgate Barcelona

24th February-4th March 2007, Motorola “The Journey”

Director Nicolai Fuglsig, MJZ London/ Widescope Spain

15th-18th February 2007, ING Direct “Formula One”

Director Grez Kohs, Radical Media Germany/ Goodgate Barcelona

1st-2nd February 2007, Daihatsu “Heidi”

Director Dan Nathan, Chased By Cowboys/Goodgate Barcelona

10th-11th November 2006, BMW 5 Series “Museum”

Director Rob Sanders, The Gang Films  France/ The Gang Films Madrid

12th-19th October 2006 VISA, “Wrapping in Flight”

Directors Dom & Nic, Outsider London/ Goodgate Barcelona

2nd-6th October 2006 Image Source

Photographer Jeremy Maude, Vancouver/ Tarifa Productions Spain

11th-12th September 2006, XBOX 360 “The not so big match”

Director David Lodge, Outsider London/ Widescope Productions Spain

28th June-16th July 2006, BMW Mini Cooper, “Scream” “30 Seconds” “Underground” “Cornfield “Genie”

Director Sebastián Strasser Radical Media, Berlin/ Goodgate Barcelona

14th-16th June 2006, EA Games “FIFA 2007”

Director Johan Renck, RSA Films London/ Group Films Barcelona

4th-7th June 2006, Getty Images “Venice”

Photographer Jeremy Maude, Vancouver/Tarifa Productions, Spain

14th-27th May 2006, Getty Images

Photographer Maria Tejeiro, London/ Tarifa Productions, Spain

18th-19th April 2006, BMW “Curve”

Director Giuseppe Capotondi, Gipsy Films, Barcelona

6th-9th February 2006, Image Source, “Below Zero”, “Snow Play”, “Celebration”

Photographer Jeremy Maude, Image Source/ Tarifa Productions, Spain

29th January-3rd February 2006, National Lottery “Migration”

Director Daniel Kleinman, Kleinman Productions, London/ TF7 Barcelona

23rd-24th January 2006, ING Direct

Director Mark Denton, Therapy Films London/ goodgate, Barcelona

December 2005, Nissan Moco “Shop Window” and “Kiss”

Director Dan Nathan, Chased by Cowboys, Paris /goodgate, Barcelona

9th-12th November 2005, Scifi Channel “Humansuit”

Director Albert Kodagolian, RSA Films, London/ Group Films, Barcelona

11th-14th October 2005, Pantene Pro-V

Director Jonathan Lennard, 2films, Switzerland/ Widescope, Spain

2nd-5th August 2005, Philips “Out in the Open”, “Xenium”

Director Michael Karbelnikoff, HKM, Hollywood/ goodgate, Barcelona

14th-15th July 2005, Allianz

Director Rob Sanders, Markenfilm, Berlin/Widescope, Spain

16th-24th June 2005, Digital Vision photo shoot, Paris and southern Spain

Photographer Christopher Robbins, New York/Tarifa Productions, Spain

6th-8th June 2005, Tic Tac “Get on the Bus”, “Flat”

Director Russel Bates, Cowboy Films, London/goodgate, Barcelona

1st-2nd June 2005, Signal “Brushing Family”

Director David Lodge, Outsider, London/Widescope, Spain

21st-22nd May 2005, Club Orange

Director Richie Smythe, Blinder, Dublín/Widescope, Spain 

27th- 29th April 2005, Bitburger “Magic Bottle/Bit Sun”

Director Marc R. Wilkins, Big Fish, Berlin/goodgate, Barcelona

31stMarch-1st April 2005, Specsavers “Celebrity” and  “Parklife”

Director Simon Cracknell, Another Film Company, London/TF7, Barcelona

22nd-23rd February 2005, Yellow Pages “Neon” “Bathtub”

Directors Joe and Mark, Tony Peterson Productions, Hamburg/TF7, Barcelona

13th-14th February 2005, Digital Vision photo shoot, Mallorca

Photographer Jochen, London/Tarifa Productions, Spain

26th January-7th February 2005 Adidas “Imposible Field”

Director Daniel Kleinman,Kleinman Productions London/TF7, Spain

24th November-2nd December 2004 Chevrot “Shape” “Joe”

Director John Madden, Tomboy London/Bubble, Spain

10th-19th October 2004, Pepsi Max “Alien” “Stuntman” “Taxi Driver” “Glueboy”

Director Matthias van Heijningen, MJZ London/Widescope, Spain

14th-15th September 2004, Vodafone “Hairdo”

Director Pedro Romhanyi, Outsider London/ Widescope, Spain

31st August- 8th September 2004, Digital Vision photo shoot, Barcelona/Marbella

Photographer Christopher Robbins, New York/Tarifa Productions, Spain

27th-29th July 2004, San Miguel “Ines de Castro”

Director Adrian Moat, RSA Film Ltd, London/ Group Film, Barcelona

6th-7th July 2004, Henkell  Trocken

Director Laszlo Kadar, Kadar Film, Germany/Good Gate, Spain

4th-6th June 2004, Nissan X-Trail “Parade”

Director Frank Voregopp, La Pac, Paris/The Lift, Spain

20th-21st May 2004, Solero “Police”

Directors Jake and Jim, New Partners Film Production, Milan/ Vivi Film, Spain

30th April-4th May 2004, Volkswagen “Badges” “Hypnotist” “Reaction”

Director Lawrence Hamburger, Stink Limited, London/Widescope, Spain

23rd – 25th April 2004, Hyundai Portugal 2004

Director Will van der Vlught, Van der Vlught Productions/ TF7 Productions, Spain

31st March – 2nd April 2004, Smirnoff Ice

Director James Pilkington, Partizan, London/Seaquist A Company, Spain

9th February-3rd March 2004, Adidas “Imposible Passions”

Director Ringan Ledwidge, Small Family Business London/Widescope, Spain

28th-30th November, 13th-14th December 2003, “The Mood” short film

Director Fredrik Bond, MJZ London/Widescope, Spain

1st-15th December 2003, Nike “The Other Game”, “Slow Mo”

Director Fredrik Bond, MJZ London/Widescope, Spain

5th-6th November 2003, Fisherman’s Friend “Shopping”

Directors Espen Sandberg, Joachim Roenning, Markenfilm, Hamburg/Leading Edge, Spain

22nd-23rd September 2003, Lynx “New Touch Fragrance”

Director Daniel Kleinman, Spectre, London/Bee’s Pictures, Cuba

2nd-4th September 2003, Walker’s Crisps “Gary Lineker, Beach Life”

Director Paul Weiland, Paul Weiland Film Co., London/Bee’s Pictures, Spain

14th-20th July 2003, Remax “Acting” “Skinny-Dip” “Cornfield” “Pottery Wheel” “Horseshoes” “Runner”

Director Kevin Thomas, Thomas Thomas Films, London/Leading Edge, Spain

10th-11th July 2003, Boots Nº7 Lash Extension Mascara “Bank”

Director Daniel Barber, Rose Hackney Barber, London/Bee’s Pictures, Spain

10th-12th June 2003, Fosters “Big Bird of Prey”, “Bruce Attenborough”, “Bungee Whizz”

Director Daniel Kleinman, Spectre, London/Bee’s Pictures, Spain

2nd-4th June 2003, Campino “Change”

Director Paul Archard, Mad Cow, London/Leading Edge, Spain

29th April-2nd May 2003, Daewoo “Sightseeing” and “Cameras”

Director Micheal Geoghegan, Pink, London/Bubble, Spain

9th-13th April 2003, Audi “You”

Director Ringan Ledwidge, Harry Nash, London/ Widescope, Spain

28th February-19th March 2003, Visa “Italian”, “Storywriting”, “Redhair”, “Guitar”, “Black”, “Pavlova”, “Shoes” and “Jeans”

Director Matthias van Heijningen, Outsider, London/Widescope, Spain

15th-17th January 2003, Royal Bank of Canada “Good Timing”

Director Steve Chase, The Partners Film Co., Toronto/The Lift, Barcelona

3rd-7th December 2002, “Desayunar, Comer, Cenar, Dormir” short film

Director Lino Escalera, Leading Edge Films, Spain, with Neus Asensi

18th-25th September 2002, Motorola “Vignettes” and “Photomon, Combination”

Director Richie Smyth, RSA Films Ltd, London/Leading Edge, Spain

6th September 2002, “Carnival” Bocca

Director Johann Brisinger, Flodell Film, Sweden/Widescope, Spain

9th-17th August 2002, “Sightings” Volvo

Directors Rad-ish, New York-Berlin/Widescope, Spain

2nd-6th August 2002, Cottonelle

Director Danny Duchovney, Los Angeles/Leading Edge, Spain

31st July/1st August 2002, Amicelli “Rooftop”

Director Carl Rinsch, RSA Films Ltd, London/Leading Edge, Spain

29th/30th May 2002, Kühne “Bullriding”

Director Matthias Bierer, HKF, Hamburg/Widescope, Spain

25th-28th April 2002, San Miguel “Liquid Spain”

Director Tom Carty, Gorgeous Films, London/Widescope, Spain

3rd-14th March 2002, New Ford Fiesta “Music”, “Slides”, “Microwave”

Director Chris Hartwill, RSA Films Ltd, London/Leading Edge, Spain

15th/16th February 2002, Holsten Pilsener “Doorbell”, “Leaving Train”

Director Frank Brendel, Sterntag, Hamburg/Widescope, Spain

8th/9th/10th February2002, Toyota “High Score”

Director Thomas Wollendorf, HKF, Hamburg/Widescope, Spain

5th/6th/7th December 2001, Volkswagen Golf “The Inventor”

Director Michael Steiner, Condor Communication, Zurich/Widescope, Spain

22nd-27th November 2001, Citroen Picasso Xara “In the Picture”

Director Adrian Moat, RSA Films Ltd, London/Leading Edge, Spain

24th/25th/26th October 2001, Sony “Store”,

Director Carl Eric Rinsch, RSA Films Ltd, London/Leading Edge, Spain

19th/20th September 2001, Merz “Beauty on the Inside”,

Director Emma Hvengaard, HKF Filmproduktion, Hamburg/ Widescope, Spain

30th July-4th August 2001, Credit Suisse “In-”

Director Adrian Moat, RSA Films Ltd, London/Leading Edge, Spain

3rd/4th July 2001 Cesar Delicroque “Crunchheads”

Director John O’Driscoll, Paul Weiland Film Co., London/Leading Edge, Spain

29th/30th/31st May 2001, McDonalds “McFormula Racing Week”

Director Bernhard Landon, Sterntag Film, Hamburg/Leading Edge, Spain

8th May 2001, Raifeissen “Rock”

Director Laszlo Kadar, Laszlo Kadar Film, Hamburg/Widescope, Spain

27th/28th/29th April 2001, Lucent Technologies- press campaign USA

Creative Director Joe Massore, New York /Widescope, Spain

7th/8th/9th/10th April 2001, Mazda

Director Nico Beyer, Berlin /Widescope, Spain

7th-22nd March 2001, “So Hart Musst Du Sein” -feature film, Almeria unit

Director/Producer Christopher Roth, Berlin/Leading Edge, Spain

27th/28th Feb 1st March 2001, SEB TV “Sir Peter Ustinov”

Director Andreas Kayales, HKF Filmproduktion, Hamburg/Leading Edge, Spain

8th/9th February 2001, Lion Bar “Table Football-Habana la Vieja”

Director Kevin Molony, Union Commercials, London/Widescope, Spain

20th/21st/22nd October 2000, New Ford Mondeo “Oscars” -  local costume                                                     

department coordinator

Director Hugh Johnson, RSA Films Ltd, London/Leading Edge, Spain

Relevant Studies:

University of Liverpool (1989): BA Hons II:i Philosophy 

Instituto Catalan De la Moda, Barcelona (1998): Corte y Confección (Pattern Cutting and Tailoring)

Personal Details:  

Born: 5th october1967, Norwich, England

Languages: English and Spanish